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Meteor Towing Service provides more than 200,000 square feet of vehicle storage space to its customers (seizure, accident, breakdown, etc.).

We can accommodate nearly 700 vehicles in an orderly ‘shopping centre parking’ style.

Vehicle Seizure

When a driver is caught committing an offence, the law enforcement officer can seize a vehicle for a period of 30 days. If the vehicle is not registered to the driver that has been intercepted, the Highway Safety Code is required to notify the owner without delay.

Owners who lent or rented out a vehicle to an offender may see their vehicle seized. Seizures may occur in a number of contexts, for instance, if the driver’s licence has been suspended or revoked, or if the licence does not belong to the right class of licence. This is why it is crucial to be very careful when you let someone else use your car or your truck.

Here are other situations when a seizure can occur:

  • if the driver’s licence has been suspended or invalidated;
  • if the driver holds an incorrect class of licence;
  • if the driver’s licence is not valid anymore;
  • if the driver’s licence doesn’t have the necessary endorsements;
  • if the person driving violates a condition that requires him or her to only use a vehicle equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock device or if the driver breaks the conditions of use of the device;
  • if the driver violates any condition associated with his or her licence;
  • if the person driving has a blood-alcohol level of more of 160 mg/100 ml, or refuses to give a breath or blood sample;
  • if the driver has conducted multiple driving offences;
  • if the driver is stopped for driving too fast in a zone where the speed limit is of 60 km/h or less and already had an excessive speeding conviction in such a zone within the last 10 years;
  • if the individual driving has been intercepted despite the fact the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ) has forbidden the owner or operator of a heavy vehicle using this type of vehicle.


Check the driver’s licence validity

Before lending or renting out your vehicle, carefully check that the driver who intends to use it owns a valid licence.

For more information about vehicle seizures and impoundment, visit the SAAQ website.

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