At the end of 2011, Meteor Towing Service moved to its brand-new location on a removed lot in Saint-Michel neighborhood. The new site of nearly 22,000 m² includes a two-storey commercial building divided between office space and mechanical maintenance space, and an outdoor secure vehicle storage area that can accept nearly 700 vehicles. A green shroud was installed to protect the quiet and privacy of neighbors: an ornamental fence, a lit path, cedar and deciduous trees. The overall project is an investment of nearly 3 million dollars.


So near… and yet so removed

The company was looking for a very large lot nearby expressways where most of the emergency tow work was done. It also wanted to be inconspicuous in the neighborhood, even though its vehicles would be coming and going 24 hours a day. Mr. Landry adds: ‘Remorquage Météor found this lot at 9405 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, and made representations with the municipal authority, as early as 2008. It was presented as the best solution for all parties, the district, the citizens, and our business. The lot was decontaminated before we established our head office and our large parking area there, and it was done with due consideration for the people who live around.’


A fruitful cooperation for the district

“Météor’s pound project is a good example of successful dialogue between private and public sectors and citizens. Indeed, citizens, Saint-Michel neighborhood’s organizations and the borough were faced over night with a problem for which there didn’t seem to be a solution at first sight. At the time the City of Montreal accepted Météor’s project to move their installations under the Metropolitain Autoroute, repercussions on the safety and health of citizens living in the vicinity of the highway were not assessed properly. Thanks to citizens’ persistence and  commitment ?through the civic participation program of Carrefour populaire de Saint-Michel?, to relentless work of Urban Development and Business Services Branch (urban planning and business services department), combined with tremendous cooperation from Météor, Remorquage Météor’s new head office could be established at the chosen location. We are happy to welcome an important corporate citizen in Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension” says Ms. Anie Samson, borough mayor.



For a number of years now, Meteor Towing Service has taken a more environmentally responsible approach to its business. Météor takes the environment seriously. This attitude prompted the investment of more than 3 million dollars in new, greener installations in Montreal, which include a state of the art geothermal system. Engineers optimized the lighting system of our premises. Moreover, all our vehicles in the fleet are equipped with an independent cab heating system: no more need to let a truck run on idle to heat the cabin. It means fuel savings and fewer greenhouse gases.

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